At Success Academy the Focus is on Preparing Students for Entrance into College


Success Academy is comprised of a series of charter schools focused on delivering positive results in an educational environment. These schools strive to give children from various social and economic backgrounds the opportunity to attend college. Success Academy charter schools provide free education for children in the New York area including special needs children. On average, the majority of children admitted into these schools come from low-income families. The teachers and administrative leaders associated with these schools believe in taking ownership of their actions to ensure each child receives the best possible education.


At Success Academy the focus on quality education begins at the elementary level. Not only is the curriculum designed to give elementary students a head start on their path to college, but the schools also incorporate elements that help provide young children with positive feedback. On the elementary level, the curriculum focuses on providing subjects in a manner that children will find educational and enjoyable. The school encourages children to question what they learn and aids in the development of talents through activities designed to allow artistic expression or problem-solving skills. Students receive positive feedback in the form of digital recognition with personal accounts and emojis.


The charter schools that make up Success Academy continue to provide positive feedback and encouragement throughout the middle and high school years. Middle school students begin to make the transition from concrete thinking to abstract thinking. During this time students receive the type of training that will help them get ready for college. The middle and high school years also offer a wide range of electives that consist of activities such as photography, dance, robotics and chess. In addition to the college focused courses available at the high school level, Success Academy also provides select students the opportunity to take advantage of internships and international trips.

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