Southridge: The game changer in Financing

Southridge Capital LLC is a company committed to providing financing to public companies. It also goes an extra mile to give these companies with advice on how to use these funds. It is based in Ridgefield in the United States of America. Founded in 1996 by its founder and CEO Stephen Hicks, this company has great experience in the financing sector. In its 22years in the market, it has been able to provide financing to more than 250 companies which amount to $1.8 billion. So what is unique about Southridge? What makes it stand out in the financing sector? One would ask.


Its great achievements can be attributed to the management team in place. It is comprised of five members who are experts in their field. This team is made up of Stephen M. Hicks, Narine Persaud, J. Ditkoff, Henry B. Sargent and Linda Carlsen. Being in this field for many years this team has the needed experience to tackle any financial issue. The second source of its success is the products it offers to its clients. They do not only provide financing; they also guide the companies on how to use the funds to achieve the desired goal. It also helps companies to account for their finances, restructuring decisions and provides legal awareness to the companies regarding their operations. They also help the companies to get access mergers with other similar companies. You can visit to see more.



Another source of its dominance is that they do things that other financing companies are afraid to do. For example, they give loans concerning their shares, capital or another asset which is a strategy barely used by other financing companies. Southridge has also gone an extra mile to give back to the society. Its CEO in conjunction with his wife has founded the Daystar Foundation. This foundation aims at supporting the efforts of non-profit organizations in doing charity work worldwide. Southridge has partnered with the Daystar Foundation to provide financing for this non-profit organization such as Western Connecticut Health Network. They are very passionate about charity works and wish that other companies would borrow this.





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