Igor Cornelsen’s Path to Becoming an Investment Guru

Igor Cornelsen, founder and current CEO of Bainbridge Investments, has had both a long and compelling career. Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil in 1947. He went on to study engineering at the Federal University of Parana. After two years of studying to be an engineer, Cornelsen made the decision to change his career path and study economics, also at the Federal University of Parana. Igor graduated in 1970 and landed his first job at an investment bank. He found success in economics due to his engineering background and being able to calculate compounded interest rates with sliding rules. He quickly became influential in this sector which led him to Rio where he worked as an investment banker. Shortly after moving to Rio, Cornelsen was promoted to the board of directors of Multiblanco in 1974, then to CEO in 1976. Multiblanco was acquired by Bank of America in 1978, after which Igor left to pursue another opportunity at Unibanco. Igor stayed at Unibanco until 1985, then moved on to Libra Bank PLC, a London Merchant Bank. Later, he moved on to be a member of the board of directors at Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He stayed there until 1995, when he left to form his own investment firm, Bainbridge Investments. Cornelsen still works there as CEO and is involved in daily operations.

Igor Cornelsen credits his success to being proactive by getting information early and directly from sources such as Reuters. He puts emphasis on valuing and utilizing unbiased information rather than opinion. Igor is also continually monitoring nations that exhibit rising investment assets and those that are experiencing political or economic instability in order to find the right moment to seize an opportunity. However, Cornelsen mainly tributes his substantial success to his education, experience and exposure to finance at a young age.

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