Gucci Sales Soar with RealReal

Gucci is one of the biggest resellers on the RealReal. It often produces the highest returns and the quickest buys when compared to other brands. Part of the brands appeal stems from the resurgence it experienced once Alessandro Michele was apointed the creative director several years ago. His vision has single handily changed the brand into a baroque vision of whimsy that is often copied but rarely found the level at which he is able to execute it. Gucci has become a new symbol of street style and millennial taste at its finest. It is hard to walk down a street in any major city without spotting the familiar GG seen on so many of Gucci’s pieces.

The RealReal keeps Gucci stocked on everything from the latest of Alessandro’s creations to exquisite pieces from decades past. One of the most iconic times of Gucci stems from the 1970’s where the current designer takes many of his influences. The iconic mules with the horse bit are among one of the best revivals seen this season. The classic GG print monogram was also a big hit in the years past. All of this and more can easily be found on the RealReal. The key is to get what you want right when you see it because Gucci sells out incredibly fast. You will miss it if you do not pick it up the minute you spy the Gucci piece of your dreams!

One of the most popular Gucci items is the Marmount bag. This is quilted chevron style bag that has the iconic “GG” featured on the front. The bags come in a variety of shapes and styles, but the design clear. This look never lasts for more than a couple of hours on the RealReal, and it is one to snatch up!

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