Betsy DeVos: Looking for Alternative Education

Advocate is not the right word for Betsy DeVos. Advocates are hard-working and the push for what they believe is right, but Betsy DeVos has always gone above and beyond that station of advocacy for school choice. The title just does not seem to do the amount of work that she has done in this field of justice. In fact, she has been a major proponent of this type of education decision from the very beginning. Early on in her career, she discovered a passion for education. Later she began talking to parents all over the state of Michigan that struggled to put their children into schools that gave them a chance to better themselves. She really felt for those people and she started to push for a more charter-school centered standard for the education system in Michigan. She is one of the main reasons why Detroit has a budding charter school system.


When she received the appointment to Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos understood that the work she had been doing in Michigan needed to take on a more national audience. She had previously sat down with Philanthropy Roundtable to discuss some of the important aspects of school choice but people were still very skeptical of the movement. Today, more parents are finding the value in placing their children into different types of systems. Betsy DeVos is not completely sitting on charter schools but wants parents to understand that homeschooling and private schools are also options that are available to them. Parents simply need to be “savvy shoppers” when it comes to their children’s education. Her push for better laws and system surrounding school choice will help make this process easier for those parents in the future.


Homeschooling has been growing in popularity in recent years because of the disastrous state of the public school system. This is also a place where Betsy DeVos has been stretching her legs. She sees that there are many aspects to that system that require her attention. Her support of an alternative school system is as much about saving the public-school system as it is about giving those parents the choices that they need. To overhaul the public-schools is in the way that it needs to be done will require time and effort. She wants parents to give their children the best possible options that they have available to them right now. If those parents can’t do that then she wants to enact policies that would make it easier for them.


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