Guilherme Paulus Discusses Developing A Hotel Brand

The country Brazil is a huge tourist hot spot in the region. As the country that holds the Amazon rain forest, and some of the most developed cites on the continent, Guilherme Paulus does everything in his power to build up the region for tourists.

He is presently a member of the CVC Brasil and GJP Hotels and Resorts boards, but it took him decades to reach this point. His career as a hotel operator dates back over two decades. Guilherme Paulus expands on his career approach in recent Ideamensh interview.

GJP Hotels and Resorts is a major player in the tourist industry in Brazil. It encompasses over 20 hotels across the major cities from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and has over 5000 individuals employed by the company. The original idea came as a joint effort from his friend Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, with whom he split resources and design conception. He went full speed right out of gate, and quickly came upon a location that would gather a lot of traffic. After a 4 year partnership, Guilherme Paulus was given the chance to move forward solo.

Guilherme Paulus takes a very 21st century approach to his business strategy. He keeps an honest and genuine frame of mind by taking time each day to appreciate how he has ended in this position. From there, he plans his business tasks up to two weeks in advance. Technology has greatly aided his ability to find new locations, and meet with potential clients for projects. The overarching personal trait that makes his business a success is just doing something. Once that first step is gone, it is much easier to figure out where to go next.

In order to build up a business from scratch, an individual has to enjoy what they from the bottom of their heart. Guilherme Paulus takes a lot of pride in ensuring tourists have the best time possible. In his 40 years in the industry, over ninety-five thousand people have stepped into his locations.

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Steve Ritchie Papa John’s Diversity Efforts

Papa John’s International Inc. rolls out a new diversity and inclusion training for staff. Steve Richie, the CEO of the American pizza chain, posted a letter on NASDAQ:PZZA, Papa John’s website to employees, shareholders, and customers addressing what the restaurant has been doing to come out from the racial-bias issue, which they have effortlessly dealt with since last year.

Steve Richie also mentioned that Papa John’s leaders are done with their listening tour. He openly shared with the public on how he and the rest of Papa John’s team visited Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Detroit to receive feedback from franchisees and team members on how they can improve. For now, there is no detailed information on how or when the diversity initiative training will be implemented considering that the brand has nearly 120, 000 employees.

The penned letter from CEO Mr. Richie outlines a number of initiatives the American pizza chain has been effortlessly working on, taking of the culture audit & investigation of Papa John’s inclusion and diversity practices that is underway. The third-party company will conduct the recommendations that will follow the audit. The company is assembling an expert advisory group that can guide them via the controversy. The special group consists of respected equity, diversity, and inclusion masterly.

Papa John’s Pizza will kick-off the franchise development and expansion program to form a minority-owned foundation that will concentrate on creating a positive effect in a fraternity where the company’s team members work and live. According to Steve Richie and his team, the long-term efforts and initiatives will definitely lead to drive inclusion and diversity.

The American pizza chain has also enlisted the assistance of 2 giant financial institutions, Bank of America and Lazard, to aid the company to stabilize financially as well. Early this month, the company earnings reports showed that sales have a 6.1% decline. Over the whole of last year, Papa John’s have experienced a fixed decline that keeps on escalating due to the controversial issue.

Mr. Ritchie has a strong belief that promoting diversity and inclusion will lead to the betterment of the company. To him, he and the company’s team members will always be committed to delivering the best.