Jeff Herman; the Voice of the Voiceless

Meet Jeff Herman, an internationally recognized advocate for the rape, sexual abuse, and exploitation. He is passionate, aggressive, and a skilled lawyer. He is the child’s sex abuse lawyer as well as the pioneer. He is a champion of the rights of his clients as well as giving voice to his clients by ensuring the abuse does not happen again. He is the founder and partner of the Herman Law firm.

Mr. Jeff Herman emphasizes the importance of parents talking to their children about sex. This is because man-children predators mostly openly have admitted to taking the advantage of the innocence of children as they have no knowledge of sex. They use Grooming strategy which involves giving them gifts to befriending them this creates trust. Parents should ensure they are keeping the communication lines open as well as setting healthy limits.

Mr. Jeff Herman recommends the following detailed guidelines.

Keeping the conversation at the age-appropriate level; he advises that parents should start the “sex talk” to their children about both boundaries and bodies when they are young. Parents need to use a language and vocabulary that is appropriate to their age. Young children ought not to understand all the deeper details on sex instead only parts that are private. For young teens, the talk should be deep as they are mature and it’s also the age some might be dating. This talk helps the young kids and the young teens to talk out in case any harm comes their way.

The word No should mean No; no matter the age, all children must understand they have a right of saying “no” to somebody that is making them uncomfortable. Nobody should have a right to touching or making them uncomfortable even if it’s an adult.

Spotting the predator one of the red flags; a child sex assault can be a clergy, a coach, a teacher or even a leader in the community. Herman’s advice on parents observing some of the key flags like an individual involved on their children.

The social media communication; most sexual offenders tend to use the media to frequently contact and preying children. Mr. Jeff Herman advice on parents having the password and closely monitoring their children’s activity and people they are in communication with. Some of the red flags with the internet activity include adult friending, messaging as well as them liking your children’s activities on the internet.

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