James Larkin

His life beginning at conception and going through a very tough phase because of family challenges in Liverpool slums, James Larkin learned the importance of perseverance. He had a hard-working father whose priority was always his family. Despite this love and care, the Larkin family could never really be entirely happy because of the state they lived in.


It was understandable in England to have people who come from impoverished families, working to support their loved ones. For the Larkin family, cooperation meant everything. Jim Larkin did not sit and wait for his father to do everything including provide for his personal needs. Instead, he decided that working together would be better for everyone, and they would be able to bring more to the table.


Jim Larkin went to school briefly and then quit for several reasons including the fact that he was the only one giving his father a hand with work. Also, his younger siblings would have to study, but considering that they did not have much, the money that came in was not enough to cater for the education of every child. Jim Larkin, therefore, made a worthy sacrifice, with the dream of finding his way to success in life through a different path.


Advocating for workers was not the definition of success or prosperity to James Larkin. Neither was the popularity that he came to gain. However, his advocacy took him to places and gave him a chance I unions that were very prominent in the country, despite the fact that he had very little education.


Jim Larkin made friends with people in top places of both the government and society. However, he never at any time changed his principles in order to get there. He just held on to who he was, and did everything just as a typical Jim Larkin would do, with neither fear nor favor. He was met with resistance at times and loathed by others. However, he knew what he was doing for the workers of England and Ireland was right, and would therefore not quit on account of being disliked.