Why Roberto Santiago is Brazil’s Shopping Mall King

Malls offer shoppers a fulfilling shopping experience under a single roof. This explains why a majority of the urban population prefers shopping in malls. Brazil has experienced an unprecedented growth in its real estate market, which is largely owed to the construction of malls. Roberto Santiago is among individuals who are behind this boom, which has greatly redefined shopping in the vast South American nation. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Mr. Roberto Santiago owns and operates Manaira Shopping, which is a premier retail center located in Joao Pessoa. Since opening doors to the public, Manaira Shopping has been visited more than 1 million shoppers who through its doors to sample the superior facilities that are on offer. The mall similarly houses exclusive international fashion and leisure brands, which attract shoppers in droves. Manaira Shopping has continued to combine comfort, leisure, and fun in an alluring manner since its establishment. This explains why it is regarded as the go-to shopping mall in Northern Brazil.

Entertainment Options

Besides offering one-stop shopping facilities, Manaira Shopping has won hearts due to the exclusive entertainment options that are on offer. To achieve this, Mr. Santiago himself helped design most of the mall’s entertainment facilities. Having been in the industry for long, he understands the needs of fun-lovers. This explains why Manaira Shopping provides an array of entertainment features that cater to the needs of all types of revelers.

The mall similarly stands out for its tranquility, accessibility, and comfort. It features cinema theaters, amusement parks, ballrooms, and bowling alleys among other entertainment facilities. The mall’s main building houses an incredibly designed cinema that features theater rooms, plush seats, up-to-date streaming equipment, and VIP facilities. All theater rooms are fitted with gourmet popcorn machines and mini bars containing select drinks and cocktails. What’s more, there is a fully-equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts.

Mr. Santiago in Brief

Roberto is a renowned real estate developer. He has carved a niche for himself in the Brazilian corporate scene for being the brains behind some of the most successful ventures. He has invested in various industries including real estate, entertainment, motorsports, and finance. Nonetheless, his name is synonymous with the success that Manaira Shopping has had since its establishment. The inspiration behind the construction of the mall was to offer shoppers a one-stop shopping experience that exceeds their expectations. Read more articles on pbnews.com

Roberto’s business career has undeniably been inspirational. He studied at Marist College Pius X before proceeding to the University of Joao Pessoa. He holds a degree in business management and finance from the latter. From a young age, he had an entrepreneurial talent, which was nurtured during his collegiate years. Manaira Shopping was constructed when Roberto was 30 years, something that attests to the fact that he has had an incredible rise in the corporate world. Away from his corporate duties, Roberto participates in motocross championships besides spending time with family members.

Real Estate Investor- Todd Lubar

The world population has been increasing day and night leading to the expansion of the real estate industry. Individuals, as well as organizations, have been widely investing in the sector which has significant returns. Regardless of the completion, the industry has been booming, with new construction designs.

Todd Lubar is one of the prominent real estate investors in the United States of America. Mr. Todd ventured into the real estate industry in1995. Todd began his career as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd’s hard work and devotion helped learn about the reproduction of conventional of mortgage banking. During his service in the organization, Todd spent most of his time with real estate agents, financial planners, insurance agents, and CPA’s who formed the basis of his knowledge and experience.

Todd Lubar (toddlubar.com) continued to climb the career ladder, and in 1999 he took a big step in acquiring an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. His position at the organization, gave him an excellent opportunity to be able to offer loans to outside investors as well as directly lend to mortgage bank. In 2002 Mr. Todd took another bigger step and decided to expand his real estate vision by establishing Legendary Properties LLC. Legendary Properties LLC is a residential development company that has a primary mandate of profiting, selling, purchasing, and rehabilitating properties.

Todd Lubar is a go-getter, and his passion for the mortgage and the real estate industry led him to establish Charter Funding. Charter funding is a supplementary of First Magnus Financial Corporation which among the largest privately owned companies in the United States of America. The relationship offered Todd an opportunity to expand his enterprise due to the irresistible access to a wealth of products and programs. Later Todd founded Legendary Financial LLC which is an associate of Legendary Properties.

The real estate industry took a different line in 2007, and Todd was involved in various business including, demolition, and automotive scrap recycling. Todd Lubar is very passionate about others, and his primary goal is to assist others to have a better tomorrow as he adds value to their lives.

For more information, visit Todd’s Linked In page and this additional reference: https://about.me/todd_lubar.