Smelly But Unique Flower will Blossom at Orange College

An uncommon flower known for its smelly nature will blossom this week at Orange College in California. Crowds are expected to gather at the college to get a gust of the fetid air emitted from the plant. The corpse flower which is properly known as the Amorphophallus titanum plant will be out for the crowds to see beginning on Wednesday, June 28th. Stop by the administration building on 2701 Fairview Road between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm to get a smell of the corpse flower.


Joe Stead is the horticulture coordinator at Orange College and shares how unique the flower is. According to Joe Stead, Little Dougie is the nickname that’s stuck for the smelly plant since it has found its home at Orange College in 2006. Over ten years later, and people are still calling the flower by its endearing name. Though Little Dougie isn’t, in fact, little at all, as he weighs over a staggering thirty pounds. Though for this particular flower, some Amorphophallus titanum plants can weigh over up to 200 pounds.



The corpse flower shows off pretty magenta petals when it blooms. Normally the flower will blossom towards the evening, giving plenty of time to make it see the bloom. After the first ten years of its life, the corpse flower will make its first bloom, which will last 24-48 hours.



Orange Coast College or better known as OCC, is located in Orange County California, United States. More specifically, it is nestled in the city of Costa Mesa, California, only 40 miles to the south of Los Angeles This community college dates all the way back to 1948, making it a true pieces of North American history.


Programs found at the college include certificates of completion, transferable classes, and credits to various universities and colleges as well as the classic two-year associate’s degree. Degrees at OCC include a wide range of science and arts degrees. Orange Community College has a staggering enrollment of 24,000 undergraduate students a year, making it the third biggest college in Orange County. Visitors are encouraged to make a three dollar donation to the horticulture scholarship program.


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