Using the latest Advances from Securus Technologies for Crime Fighting

I am employed in a jail and responsible for keeping the drugs out of the hands of the inmates. It can be a real struggle because ask any inmate about drugs in prison and they will tell you that they can get their hands on drugs easier in jail than on the street. For that reason, we have a drug task force that is working around the clock to try and stop this issue from getting out of control.


The biggest reason that my team puts so much focus on stopping the flow of drugs into the jail is because when the inmates are high, they can hurt other inmates or my staff more easily. An inmate who uses heroin in jail could be ten times stronger than when they are not under the influence. That means we need more man-power per inmate, something which is a struggle because of limited resources.


To combat the drug issue in jail, I have a task force at the gate who carefully inspect each visitor that comes to see an inmate. The issue is real because many of the visitors will risk their own freedom to provide for the inmate. If the order comes down from a gang leader to a soldier on the streets, they will follow orders and try to smuggle in the drugs. This goes on all day long, every day we allow those visitors in the jail.


One of the best resources I have at my disposal is monitoring inmate calls on the phone. Recently, Securus Technologies installed a new communication system with training on their LBS software that gave us more power to stop the bad guys before they could deliver the drugs. Now we catch them before they even get to the jail, and cut the issue in half our first month.