At Success Academy the Focus is on Preparing Students for Entrance into College


Success Academy is comprised of a series of charter schools focused on delivering positive results in an educational environment. These schools strive to give children from various social and economic backgrounds the opportunity to attend college. Success Academy charter schools provide free education for children in the New York area including special needs children. On average, the majority of children admitted into these schools come from low-income families. The teachers and administrative leaders associated with these schools believe in taking ownership of their actions to ensure each child receives the best possible education.


At Success Academy the focus on quality education begins at the elementary level. Not only is the curriculum designed to give elementary students a head start on their path to college, but the schools also incorporate elements that help provide young children with positive feedback. On the elementary level, the curriculum focuses on providing subjects in a manner that children will find educational and enjoyable. The school encourages children to question what they learn and aids in the development of talents through activities designed to allow artistic expression or problem-solving skills. Students receive positive feedback in the form of digital recognition with personal accounts and emojis.


The charter schools that make up Success Academy continue to provide positive feedback and encouragement throughout the middle and high school years. Middle school students begin to make the transition from concrete thinking to abstract thinking. During this time students receive the type of training that will help them get ready for college. The middle and high school years also offer a wide range of electives that consist of activities such as photography, dance, robotics and chess. In addition to the college focused courses available at the high school level, Success Academy also provides select students the opportunity to take advantage of internships and international trips.

The Success of Rick Shinto and his Company

Of the many healthcare companies that have been created in order to offer excellent healthcare services at a low rate, the company of InnovaCare Health is one of the top companies to seek out not only for the excellent quality of services and treatments that are provided to the customer, but also for the factor that it is inexpensive and that the employees work hard to offer the services without breaking the bank in the process. InnovaCare Health is a company that is truly dedicated to the consumer and makes sure that each and every individual gets a perfectly tailored experience that is beneficial to not only their health, but also to their budget.

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What sets InnovaCare Health apart from other companies that specialize in health related services is the fact that this company makes sure that the customer is happy and receives a tailored and unique experience. The employees at InnovaCare Health understand that many individuals have a budget and work hard to offer the best services without exceeding the budget. At InnovaCare Health, the employees truly believe that the healthcare services should be an inexpensive right for everyone rather than an expensive luxury that only allows individuals with enough money to pay for the services.

With the innovative technology as well as the excellent service, the leader of the company is proud to call this company home to him. Rick Shinto is the President as well as the CEO of the company and has worked hard over the years to promote excellence within the company. The natural leadership of Rick Shinto has inspired many to be the best that they can be and to make sure that the individuals that come to this company for medical services receive exactly what they came for and even more. Rick Shinto has many plans for the future with regards to this company. Read more about Innovacare at

Rich Shinto has decades of experience within the medical industry and has applied his medical experience within the world of business in order to offer patients who are in need of help with the best services at the lowest cost. Rick Shinto has not only been involved in his company to make the services the least expensive, but also hopes to influence policy makers and their decisions when it comes to finding ways to promote a healthy lifestyle that is affordable for all individuals in the United States of any income.

Betsy DeVos Gives Her Views To The Congress

Betsy DeVos had gone to Capitol Hill in order to give her views to the U.S. lawmakers that states should be given certain rights. She is the Education Secretary in the U.S. government. She wanted states to decide that the private schools accepting the publicly funded voucher students must be allowed to discriminate against students for any reason whatsoever.

She has testified about the 2018 budget proposal of the Trump administration. This would be cutting $10.6 billion from various education programs. From this, $1.4 billion will be re-invested into promoting the school choice option.

Betsy DeVos along with President Trump has always promoted the expanding of alternatives to traditional public schools. She also wants to give the states as well as local communities the flexibility with their education programs. Check her website for more info at

She wants States to have the flexibility to decide if the private schools accepting students with publicly funded vouchers can be discriminated against any student. This means that reasons like LGBT or coming from a family that has homosexual activity can be considered as a reason to deny admission to a student.

Betsy DeVos says that the parents are the best equipped in order to make a choice for their child’s education. She says that many children are forced to be in schools that may not be right for them. This is why something different needs to be done. There cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach anymore with regard to education. This kind of focus should be shifted to the states and local communities now as they are best suited to make the decisions.

Betsy DeVos also feels that States must have the flexibility of deciding if students with disabilities and making use of publicly funded vouchers in order to pay for their private-school tuition, should get protection under the IDEA federal law.

In such cases, families are typically asked to sign away their IDEA protections. Now states should be allowed to decide how they would like to run their own programs. In fact, each state must be allowed to deal with the issue in their way. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Betsy DeVos wants that school districts with high poverty must get more funding as compared to the ones with low-poverty. This way there would be a level playing field for all.

Betsy Devos has been involved in education for a long time. She realized this disparity when she understood that she could send her kids to any school of their choice. But this option was not available to many parents in America. She has always fought for providing this choice to all parents. She feels that the education being given in public charter schools will not help children to achieve the dream which is America.

Betsy DeVos is married to Dick DeVos, who is the heir to the Amway legacy. They live in Manhattan. She has always believed in providing the best in education to children. She also realized that for many parents, even paying the tuition fee is a big thing. Hence she is supporting many such children through her charity.

Duda Melzer and Corporate Considerations

Duda Melzer, also known by his full name of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, is a Brazilian family based entrepreneur. His family has been running RBS Group, a news and radio media company in Brazil for well over a half century. Starting with his grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, the company has only been through 2 notable leadership changes. Succeeding his uncle, Duda has finally taken the post as CEO and chairman of the board of directors. After reorganization that was ordered by Duda, the company has taken off and has even given rise to a new company e.Bricks Digital, a venture capital company.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer began his educational background at the Pontifical Catholic University in Brazil. Earning a bachelor’s degree at age 26, he continued schooling and received an MBA from Harvard University. This prestigious credential opened many doors from Duda as he admits. He’s been mentored from some of the finest and most well sought out business minds in the US. Continuing his education even beyond a degree seeking student, Duda Melzer has taken specialty courses dealing with the entrepreneurial family enterprise. He’s been recognized many times over for his leadership and entrepreneurial efforts. Check out Valor to know more.

The Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho foundation was started to help Brail’s youth. The organization aims to work alongside government to tackle these problems and raise social awareness. Having run many successful campaigns, the company continues its hard work. RBS Group exercises sustainability efforts and corporate social responsibility through full disclosure of its efforts. The information can be found on the RBS Group website. As Duda Melzer is a family man, he makes time for hobbies such as sports and enjoying them with his two children. It’s easy to see why Duda is such a well-known and respected Brazilian business owner. His efforts are constantly evolving and are plentiful in value and number.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Knows a Lot About the Aging Process

Mikhail V. Blagosklonny is an established scientist and physician who in the past was a part of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York. This institute was launched in 1898 and focuses on in-depth cancer research. It also concentrates on treatment options for the disease. Dr. Roswell Park created the center. Dr. Blagosklonny landed a position as a Professor of Oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute back in the spring of 2009. He started working for the center on April 15th of 2009. People who know Dr. Blagosklonny well often refer to him simply as “Misha.”

Dr. Blagosklonny has had quite a prolific career so far. He’s penned many reviews and research articles. He’s also contributed to many books. He serves as the Associate Editor of a good number of prominent publications. These publications include Cancer Research, PLOS ONE, the American Journal of Pathology, the International Journal of Cancer, Autophagy, Cell Death and Differentiation and Cancer Biology and Therapy. He also devotes a significant amount of his time to a publication that’s called Cell Cycle. He’s the publication’s proud Editor-in-Chief and Founding Editor.

Dr. Blagosklonny has quite a few research passions. He enjoys learning about topics such as cellular biology, molecular biology and even clinical investigations. He’s intrigued by subjects like anticancer therapeutics, cellular senescence and signal transduction. Aging and cancer are both big focal points for this hard-working doctor. View Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

This physician’s comprehensive educational background matches his career closely. He studied internal medicine and has a M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) in the field. He also has a PhD. (Doctor of Philosophy). His PhD is in cardiology and experimental medicine. He attended the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. This institution of higher learning is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s a widely known public university that has been in existence since 1897.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has had many different roles throughout his illustrious career. He worked for New York Medical College located in Valhalla, New York. New York Medical College is a biomedical health sciences institution that was established back in 1860. He worked as an associate professor of medicine at the college. He remained at New York Medical College until 2002. That’s the year he landed a job at Albany, New York’s Ordway Research Institute. He worked as a senior scientist for the school. He stayed at Ordway Research Institute for about seven years. He left the center in 2009 to work for the aforementioned Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

This medical field aficionado knows a lot about targeted cancer treatments that defend the cells from destruction. He also has a strong grasp of the aging process. Dr. Blagosklonny has expertise in medications that offer anti-aging help. Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Why Roberto Santiago is Brazil’s Shopping Mall King

Malls offer shoppers a fulfilling shopping experience under a single roof. This explains why a majority of the urban population prefers shopping in malls. Brazil has experienced an unprecedented growth in its real estate market, which is largely owed to the construction of malls. Roberto Santiago is among individuals who are behind this boom, which has greatly redefined shopping in the vast South American nation. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Mr. Roberto Santiago owns and operates Manaira Shopping, which is a premier retail center located in Joao Pessoa. Since opening doors to the public, Manaira Shopping has been visited more than 1 million shoppers who through its doors to sample the superior facilities that are on offer. The mall similarly houses exclusive international fashion and leisure brands, which attract shoppers in droves. Manaira Shopping has continued to combine comfort, leisure, and fun in an alluring manner since its establishment. This explains why it is regarded as the go-to shopping mall in Northern Brazil.

Entertainment Options

Besides offering one-stop shopping facilities, Manaira Shopping has won hearts due to the exclusive entertainment options that are on offer. To achieve this, Mr. Santiago himself helped design most of the mall’s entertainment facilities. Having been in the industry for long, he understands the needs of fun-lovers. This explains why Manaira Shopping provides an array of entertainment features that cater to the needs of all types of revelers.

The mall similarly stands out for its tranquility, accessibility, and comfort. It features cinema theaters, amusement parks, ballrooms, and bowling alleys among other entertainment facilities. The mall’s main building houses an incredibly designed cinema that features theater rooms, plush seats, up-to-date streaming equipment, and VIP facilities. All theater rooms are fitted with gourmet popcorn machines and mini bars containing select drinks and cocktails. What’s more, there is a fully-equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts.

Mr. Santiago in Brief

Roberto is a renowned real estate developer. He has carved a niche for himself in the Brazilian corporate scene for being the brains behind some of the most successful ventures. He has invested in various industries including real estate, entertainment, motorsports, and finance. Nonetheless, his name is synonymous with the success that Manaira Shopping has had since its establishment. The inspiration behind the construction of the mall was to offer shoppers a one-stop shopping experience that exceeds their expectations. Read more articles on

Roberto’s business career has undeniably been inspirational. He studied at Marist College Pius X before proceeding to the University of Joao Pessoa. He holds a degree in business management and finance from the latter. From a young age, he had an entrepreneurial talent, which was nurtured during his collegiate years. Manaira Shopping was constructed when Roberto was 30 years, something that attests to the fact that he has had an incredible rise in the corporate world. Away from his corporate duties, Roberto participates in motocross championships besides spending time with family members.

Hussain Sajwani And His DAMAC Properties Outfit

Hussain Sajwani is one of the finest developers in all of the Middle East, and he has created many properties through his DAMAC Properties company. He is working on development around the continent that will help cities grow, and this article explains how he is ensuring that every city has steady growth. There are many buildings rising with the DAMAC named attached, and Hussain believes that he may build, give back and grow his homeland.

#1: Many Commercial Properties

There are many commercial properties that Hussain has begun, and he knows that there are a number of people who will move in or work from these buildings. He wants to build new structures that are modern, and he will ensure that everyone who moves in finds a building that they may use for many years to come. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

#2: Giving Back

Hussain Sajwani gives back every year to the charities that he believes in the most. He wants to give to people who do not have any resources, and he knows that he may help them in ways that they honestly cannot help themselves. This is a fine way to make the Middle East a better place to live, and it ensures that everyone has a part in making the region strong.

#3: Partnerships

Hussain is partners with many of the finest developers in the world, and he has used his connections to ensure that modern structures rise around his region. He prefers to work in-tandem with people who are helpful of the cause, and he has done many joint projects that make a difference in the lives of people around him. The partners he takes on offer the finest opportunity to help people in the Middle East.

Hussain Sajwani is a strong businessman who has done quite a lot to protect the Middle East.

He is hoping that building better structures will change lives, and he knows that these structures will change the way the world views every city that he is helping to grow. Giving back and building around his region makes Hussain one of the people to watch as the world economy blossoms.

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George Soros Keeps Fighting for Human Rights

George Soros has been working in philanthropic endeavors for over 30 years now. His organization, the Open Society Foundation offers support of the human rights of others in over 100 countries. He is more than able as well. He is valued at over $25.2 billion. As such, he is one of the richest people in the world.

Soros was born in Budapest and even survived Nazi-Germany occupied Hungary, and escaped to the UK. He lived in England and went to the London School of Economics, where he graduated with his Masters degree in philosophy.

He began a hedge fund in 1969. Profits from that gave him the money for seed money for the Soros Fund Management, which still exists to this day to help fund human rights causes.

His studies in philosophy have led to capital markets applying Karl Popper’s General Theory of Reflexivity. That has been used to help the financial markets thrive after swapping stocks to improve the futures in trading.

The Open Society Foundation, between 1979 and 2011 donated over $ 11 billion to philanthropic causes for human rights. His role in the peaceful transition from communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe. His foundation is largely based on his desire to stop the types of atrocities he witnessed in Hungary during the Nazi Occupation.

His intense focus on preventing discrimination and helping protect sex workers and LGBTI people and even those that have indulged in drug use. His belief is that no person should lose their human rights, no matter what. His survival through the murder of 500,000 jews probably has a lot to do with that. His goal was to make the place a better place. He wants to make the world a safer place. That means everyone, not just a few. Read more at The New York Times about George.

He has also donated to scholarship funds for South Africans under Apartheid. As if that isn’t enough, he also created the Central European University, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to foster critical philosophical thinking. At the time, this was not accessible in the area. His role in the Eastern European battle with freedom is notoriously good.

After the cold war was at an end, George Soros battled to help back the medical marijuana movement. During that time, he also worked to help those people facing no legal assistance which were being discriminated against received the legal help they needed. His assistance in pure love for basic human rights is amazing. Learn more about his profile at

Recently, he has moved into the financial markets, where his endeavors have helped even more people have a world that is free from restrictions, and helped forge more gains towards human rights. It’s a right that everyone has enjoyed that had the luxury of freedom. Everyone should have that too.

A Legacy Prepared by Lori Senecal

According to Adage, with advertising, one of the most important things to realize is that clients need a campaign that is going to give them a lot of sales. Lori Senecal has realized this. As a matter of fact, time is of the essence in this case. When she has joined CP+B her aim was to teach people the importance of efficiency and timeliness. She has helped people learn this lesson by showing them. She herself has been focused on the goals of her clients. Therefore, she has met with her clients and looked at their businesses. Then she has taken the time to come up with a campaign that is best for the company.

Lori Senecal’s methods have proven to be a success. Therefore, she is now training up some new leaders so that they can push the company forward. One thing she is good at is coaching and leadership. While she does take her time to encourage the people she is leading, she also shows a lot of compassion and puts herself in their shoes. This is one of the reasons that her leadership is very effective. It has given her company a major overhaul and has brought it to global levels of success. Check out Fast Company to know more.

Lori Senecal is planning on stepping down as leader in 2017. Her workers are going to continue on in the company taking every lesson they have learned from her about efficiency and applying it to their jobs. Their clients have been very happy about the results they have gotten because it has earned them a lot of money in very little time. Lori Senecal’s efficient and diligent approach to doing the work has gained her a lot of recognition and respect in the advertising industry. She also keeps herself calm in times of chaos so that she can figure out solutions. You can visit Inspirery for more info.


David McDonald And The Future Of OSI

As the president of OSI Group, David McDonald has huge decisions that he makes on a regular basis and that leads to him making a lot of different choices for the people who he works with. He wants to make sure that things are going the right way and that they will be able to provide people with different options for what they have to offer. As far as David McDonald is concerned, he knows the right way to be able to get more opportunities for people and to get the best experience possible when it comes to food.

In the time that David McDonald OSI Group has been the President, he has built a lot of different opportunities for the business. He has also been able to make changes that suit the business and provide people with the options that they need to make their food choices better.

David McDonald starting out as a small food provider in a market, the OSI Group did not have huge intentions when they were at the beginning of their lifetime. They realized, though, that they had a great thing going. They wanted to show people that they could do more, provide better food options and offer them at a much lower price than what some of the other companies were doing. This was something that they were confident in and it grew their business for them. They started out locally and are now a global company that provides food for many different businesses including some of the ones that you probably see on a daily basis.

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The OSI Group is a distributor of food and food products. They work with companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks to get them the food options that they want. They also work with other companies to show them that they are capable of more than what they are doing. Whether it is a huge company that is very popular or a smaller food company, the OSI Group knows that they are able to do more for the people who they work with and the different options that they have for them.

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