A Legacy Prepared by Lori Senecal

According to Adage, with advertising, one of the most important things to realize is that clients need a campaign that is going to give them a lot of sales. Lori Senecal has realized this. As a matter of fact, time is of the essence in this case. When she has joined CP+B her aim was to teach people the importance of efficiency and timeliness. She has helped people learn this lesson by showing them. She herself has been focused on the goals of her clients. Therefore, she has met with her clients and looked at their businesses. Then she has taken the time to come up with a campaign that is best for the company.

Lori Senecal’s methods have proven to be a success. Therefore, she is now training up some new leaders so that they can push the company forward. One thing she is good at is coaching and leadership. While she does take her time to encourage the people she is leading, she also shows a lot of compassion and puts herself in their shoes. This is one of the reasons that her leadership is very effective. It has given her company a major overhaul and has brought it to global levels of success. Check out Fast Company to know more.

Lori Senecal is planning on stepping down as leader in 2017. Her workers are going to continue on in the company taking every lesson they have learned from her about efficiency and applying it to their jobs. Their clients have been very happy about the results they have gotten because it has earned them a lot of money in very little time. Lori Senecal’s efficient and diligent approach to doing the work has gained her a lot of recognition and respect in the advertising industry. She also keeps herself calm in times of chaos so that she can figure out solutions. You can visit Inspirery for more info.


David McDonald And The Future Of OSI

As the president of OSI Group, David McDonald has huge decisions that he makes on a regular basis and that leads to him making a lot of different choices for the people who he works with. He wants to make sure that things are going the right way and that they will be able to provide people with different options for what they have to offer. As far as David McDonald is concerned, he knows the right way to be able to get more opportunities for people and to get the best experience possible when it comes to food.

In the time that David McDonald OSI Group has been the President, he has built a lot of different opportunities for the business. He has also been able to make changes that suit the business and provide people with the options that they need to make their food choices better.

David McDonald starting out as a small food provider in a market, the OSI Group did not have huge intentions when they were at the beginning of their lifetime. They realized, though, that they had a great thing going. They wanted to show people that they could do more, provide better food options and offer them at a much lower price than what some of the other companies were doing. This was something that they were confident in and it grew their business for them. They started out locally and are now a global company that provides food for many different businesses including some of the ones that you probably see on a daily basis.

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The OSI Group is a distributor of food and food products. They work with companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks to get them the food options that they want. They also work with other companies to show them that they are capable of more than what they are doing. Whether it is a huge company that is very popular or a smaller food company, the OSI Group knows that they are able to do more for the people who they work with and the different options that they have for them.

Learn more about David McDonald OSI Group: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/17665897-david-mcdonald

Brad Reifler’s Long Standing Career in Entrepreneurship

Bradley Reifler spent most of his early career in investment helping the rich increase their net worth. Later, he redirected his focus to the average income American with interest in stock investment. He is passionate about helping the bigger mass of the American population attain the same investment results as the top one percent. Learn more about Brad Reilfer: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/bradreifler-226

. For that reason, Brad Reifler set up Forefront Capital to provide well analyzed non-correlated stock for the average person. He continually shares his insights on the topic and believes that one of the primary reason clients earn little from the stock is the management fee incurred by brokerage firms. Forefront Capital has zero management fees and is a government credited investment firm.

ForeFront Capital began operating in May 2009 and has centered its business on helping individual clients and institutions select the most suitable investment strategies. In collaboration with its subsidiaries, Forefront attracts and maintains high net worth customers seeking their advisory. The firm not only provides advisory, but they also deliver capital to maximize the possibility of success for its clientele To keep their interests in focus. The company’s investment is spread to cover both the public and private sectors.

Before setting up Forefront, Brad Reifler was still heavily invested in entrepreneurship. After graduating from Bowdoin College, he set up Reifler Trading Corporation. In 1992, he started Reifler Capital Management and led it for three years before launching Pali Capital Incorporation.

Under his leadership as chief executive officer, Pali Capital expanded to open regional offices in the United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore and Latin America. In 1995, Brad Reifler started working for Refco International Sales Desk as foreign exchange and sales specialist. In 2000 when he left the firm, he sold them Reifler Trading Corporation. Brad gained substantial knowledge in the firm such as structuring investment programs for clients and firms around the world.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler acts as the director for a couple for enterprises such as Roots Market Incorporation, ITG Market Research Incorporation, Wins Finance Holdings and Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation. He serves on the board of directors of Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank, and Genesis Securities. He sits on the boards of the trustee of Millbrook School and Finance Committee as chairman.

EOS Reinvents the Lip Balm Market

Lip balm has been traditionally the basic cylindrical tube that comes in basic flavors, like original and cherry. Seven years ago, the lip balm industry completely changed. Evolution of smooth came on the scene with their colorful orbs and wild flavors. These orbs took over the checkout shelves of drug stores and grocery stores. EOS lip balm became the “It” item that was chic to have. Magazines, like Allure and Cosmo loved these orbs, and celebrities, like Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera, have been seen toting EOS lip balms.

This company has quickly become the second best-selling lip balm in the country, second to only Burt’s Bees. Sanjiv Mehra, cofounder, discusses how they took the beauty industry by storm and was able to make this small startup a huge success. Mehra first started with the packaging. The tube, a package chapstick is well known for, has been synonymous with lip balm for decades. By designing an original package, they knew the product would stand out instantly. This category stuck out as one that needed a makeover.

EOS offers their customers a unique pack with multiple choices in flavors. The success of this small startup comes from its reinvention of the wheel and its ability to target the Facebook active generation.


Using the latest Advances from Securus Technologies for Crime Fighting

I am employed in a jail and responsible for keeping the drugs out of the hands of the inmates. It can be a real struggle because ask any inmate about drugs in prison and they will tell you that they can get their hands on drugs easier in jail than on the street. For that reason, we have a drug task force that is working around the clock to try and stop this issue from getting out of control.


The biggest reason that my team puts so much focus on stopping the flow of drugs into the jail is because when the inmates are high, they can hurt other inmates or my staff more easily. An inmate who uses heroin in jail could be ten times stronger than when they are not under the influence. That means we need more man-power per inmate, something which is a struggle because of limited resources.


To combat the drug issue in jail, I have a task force at the gate who carefully inspect each visitor that comes to see an inmate. The issue is real because many of the visitors will risk their own freedom to provide for the inmate. If the order comes down from a gang leader to a soldier on the streets, they will follow orders and try to smuggle in the drugs. This goes on all day long, every day we allow those visitors in the jail.


One of the best resources I have at my disposal is monitoring inmate calls on the phone. Recently, Securus Technologies installed a new communication system with training on their LBS software that gave us more power to stop the bad guys before they could deliver the drugs. Now we catch them before they even get to the jail, and cut the issue in half our first month.


Keep Your Beard Sharp with Donald Scott NYC’s Groom Stik Pro

Sporting a stylish faded beard isn’t as simple as skipping your morning shave. This look needs consistent care and shaping up to keep it thick and luxuriant on the bottom and tapered short and tight along the sides. You could let your barber handle it, or conveniently do it yourself with Donald Scott NYC’s Groom Stik Pro.

Donald Scott NYC has packed three cutting lengths into one lightweight trimmer, courtesy of the adjustable blade guard. Sharp, moving teeth work to give you the precision trimming you need on sideburns, mustaches and eyebrows. It’s not just for your face! The Groom Stik Pro handles your body grooming needs to keep you feeling fresh.

To get the best beard trim wherever you are, Donald Scott NYC has made the Groom Stik Pro completely TSA compliant. On vacation or at the gym, always rock a fresh beard with the Groom Stik Pro!

Felipe Montoro Jens Business Ideas and Concepts in Practice

Starting a business in Brazil is easier than it has ever been before. Over the long term, the people who want to start a company are those who have big dreams for the future. If you are ready to take your life to the next level on CheckDirector.co.uk, starting a company may be the way to get there. However, staring a company is not an easy thing to do. Not only does a new business require capital, but it requires you spending the right amount of time to get things done. Over time, a lot of people have proven just how much fun starting a company can be. If you are ready to take your company from an idea to something that is actually in the market, working with Felipe Montoro Jens is a great decision.

Felipe Montoro Jens

From the time he was young, Felipe Montoro Jens has always wanted to start a business. There are a lot of people who are excited about the hope and the change that he is bringing to the community. If you are ready to start taking things to the next level in your business, you need to bring someone in who has experience in the area. This is something that Felipe Montoro Jens is excited about in the future. He knows that Brazil has a lot of opportunities for growth, and young business owners can take advantage of that in the future.

If you need capital, there are a variety of ways for you to secure it in your business. Not only can you borrow the money, but you can also take investments from people who are in the business noted on radaroficial.com.br. This will allow you to invest in areas that can help you scale up your business over time and succeed in connecting to customers.

Find more details about Felipe Montoro Jens: https://www.jusbrasil.com.br/diarios/6691392/pg-32-secao-03-diario-oficial-do-distrito-federal-dodf-de-19-07-2010

Wen By Chaz: The All-Inclusive Hair Care Solution

When someone talks about hair care, the name WEN by Chaz rings a bell. Their products are widely advertised on traditional TV channels. The products, which incorporate shampoo, conditioner, and treatment in one package promise to transform normal hair into shiny, attractive strands. Furthermore, the makers say that the cleansing conditioners works on everybody, regardless of hair type, provided that instructions are followed to the latter. To establish the validity of these claims, a seven-day study was conducted using the fig version of the product.

The recommended amount for application sees more than sufficient, but it works perfectly. For a regular user of conventional shampoos, the amount recommended may raise skepticism. After pumping the lotion into the hands, it is applied to the scalp, then pulled across the hair strands, the results are not only instant but amazing. For people whose hair fall off, WEN is the remedy. Also, it makes hair look healthy as well as shiny.

Trying out the product under different conditions yields the same excellent results. However, there was an exception. On the day that hair was not washed, it appears greasy and frizzy. Not even excessive shampoo application and curling could salvage this mess.

In conclusion, the WEN by Chaz product can do wonders if used appropriately. To optimize the results, it is recommended for use immediately after showering in the morning.

About Wen by Chaz

WEN is a leading hair care product firm that was established by Chaz Dean. Their productions integrate nearly all hair care products in one package. Additionally, their merchandise is made of organic ingredients, as opposed to their competitors who use harmful chemicals such as sulfates.

Over the years WEN Hair has enhanced its reputation, mainly through excellent service provision. Their clientele consists of well-known personalities, who like the privacy afforded to them while at the Chaz Dean Studio.

Learn more about Wen Hair: http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/

Bruce Levenson And AHBE Are Firing Back At AIG

A major court battle is taking place right now between Bruce Levenson, the businessman and former owner of the Atlanta Hawks along with Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE), and the team’s former insurance company AIG. Levenson sold the team in early 2015, and AHBE had elected to buyout the contract of Danny Ferry, the former general manager. Such a move was supposed to have allowed AHBE to file a claim with AIG to compensate them for losses, but AIG has not recognized their right to do so. Levenson and AHBE have taken the matter to court and has maintained they were within their rights to file a claim, and they now want damage relief not only for AIG’s failure to honor the claim, but for court costs as well.

According to ESPN, Bruce Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 along with the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers, whom he sold in 2011. Prior to owning the Hawks, Levenson co-founded a company that’s owned several major industry newsletters. The company is Unified Communications Group (UCG), and it was founded in 1977 when Levenson and his friend, Ed Peskowitz published Oil Express. The company soon began covering other industries such as technology, healthcare and mortgage banking, and it would later become the parent company to GasBuddy. Source: brucelevenson.com

Bruce Levenson is a member of several charity groups, and even helped establish the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. He’s been a major contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, founding the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program which teaches young people about the event and helps them learn how to become tour guides at the museum. Levenson brought the Atlanta Hawks entire basketball team and coaching staff to the museum in 2014 where his mother-in-law, a survivor of the event told her story.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson

End Citizens United Is True to Its Name

End Citizens United is a new political action committee. Its focus is to campaign finance reform. The year 2016 will be important for them as they plan to put in millions of dollars. All these will only be for those Democratic candidates who will be running in the highly competitive House as well as Senate races all across the country.


While End Citizens United has been able to raise nearly $2 million from small donors till now, the plan is to rake in around $25 – $30 million.


The goal here for End Citizens United is to pass a constitutional amendment that is going to reverse the decision of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United as that led to a large amount of dark money getting inside politics.


Over 325,000 persons have signed this petition of End Citizens United that demands Congress was passing such legislation. This number is going to see a major rise as this group partners with the “Ready for Hillary” campaign.


End Citizens United has also endorsed 11 Democratic candidates. These include former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin along with Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado.


The reason why this political action committee is garnering so much attention is that they are looking at the political angle of it all. They are getting those people elected who would be able to change the existing laws. Hence they are backing those candidates who favor campaign finance reform and will stand up with them.


A completely independent and separate expenditure arm will have to be constructed next year as the candidates will be backed through financial initiatives that include big expenses. This means television ads, mailers in addition to polling.


A constitutional amendment means an uphill battle for all those choosing this path. This is because not a single Constitutional amendment has been made in America since 1992. Just raising the amount of money required to get a constitutional amendment passed is not enough. What is required here is to get the law changed that can be confirmed by a new Supreme Court justice who can shift the balance of the court.


This does not mean that groups such as End Citizens United are useless. In fact, they are involved in public awareness of this decision by the Supreme Court. It helps to build political pressure on the Supreme Court as well as political figures so that things do not become worse.


Also, having access to $25-30 million can definitely lead to an impact in a Senate or House race.


End Citizens United is not backing Republicans as they feel that most of the Republican leadership in Congress is coming in the way of overturning such a rigid and disastrous decision by the Supreme Court.